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Two situations in which business owners should use the services of workplace solutions consultants

If you're a business owner, here are some situations in which you should hire someone who specialises in workplace strategy solutions.

You feel that the length and number of meetings you hold each day make it hard to run your business efficiently

If you and your staff have multiple meetings a day, and you can see that these meetings are having a detrimental impact on how efficiently your business is run but you still feel that they're necessary, you might want to use the services of a professional who provides workplace solutions. This consultant could sit in on a few of your meetings, evaluate how they're run and the type of subjects you cover during each of them, and then come up with ideas regarding how you could potentially shorten them, reduce their frequency or take other steps to reduce the effect they have on your staff's ability to fulfil their daily responsibilities.

For example, this consultant might suggest ways in which you could condense the information you need to share during the meetings so that you can deliver it in a more concise way that will allow you to finish a typical meeting in half the time you normally do. Additionally, they may recommend those staff members who only need to hear about one small portion of the meeting's content be advised not to attend. Instead, they can expect an email after each meeting is over with relevant information. This would allow these staff members to carry on with their work whilst these meetings are happening.

You've noticed that your staff seem reluctant to give you feedback about the workplace environment or their roles in it

If you've observed that your staff seem reluctant to offer their opinions regarding the workplace environment or their roles, and this is making it harder for you to implement improvements that would make their roles more enjoyable for them or help them to be more efficient, then you should contact a workplace solutions consultant. They could devise a plan to facilitate better communication between you and your employees and help you to motivate your employees to speak up if some aspect of their job or experience in the workplace is unsatisfactory.

They might advise you to incentivise employees to give you feedback by, for example, rewarding those who fill in a feedback survey that you create with small prizes, or recommend that you put an anonymous feedback message box in your workplace that would make employees feel safer about offering critical feedback. They might also offer you advice on how to improve the way in which you communicate with your employees so that they feel more comfortable opening up to you about issues they're experiencing.

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